About Us
Mission of QFH
Carry out the national strategies, practice the financial innovation, promote the industrial aggregation
Vision of QFH
Be a Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation demonstration platform, asolid cornerstone for the financial industry of Qianhai and a strategically leading financial holding group.
Strategic Goals

Make innovations for the future

Strategic Goals

In order to become a strategically leading financial holding group that has been internationalized marketized and professionalized, QFH is dedicated to develop symbiotically with the financial industry of Qianhai and constantly promote Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation, financial innovation and industrial guidance.

◇ Symbiotic Development: Realize its own values in development, open-up and innovations of providing service for financial industry in Qianhai.

◇ Strategically Leading Financial Holding Group: Foster a number of financial institutions that take unique position along the industrial chain, gain differentiated advantages, and form a Qianhai sample that consist of Financial Mix Operation Management Mode; work hard to develop synergy effects among various business sections, and attempt to identify the new model for financial holding company to serve the real economy, improve financial structure, manage financial risks and promote open-up to the outside world, thus establishing the Qianhai model of mixed financial operation models.