About Us
Core values
  •  Professionalism
  •  Dedication
  •  Simplicity
QFH advocates the value principles and action standards of "professionalism, dedication and simplicity " to guide every employee to take the lead and actively put such principles into practice. The standards of "professionalism, dedication and simplicity ", which are implemented throughout every task of QFH, come as the main standard for evaluating sta? spirit and attitude as well as the genetic code for sustaining the constant development of QFH in the future.
QFH monthly seminar
QFH is committed to establishing a vigorous mechanism for attracting, selecting, using, encouraging and retaining talents to realize co-development of employees and enterprise. By holding "QFH monthly seminar", we continuously improve employees' professional capacity and comprehensive quality by inviting domestic and overseas experts and scholars to give lectures, regularly organizing key employees to carry out experience sharing, participating in external professional trainings, among others.