Securities and Futures, Insurance,
Innovative Finance, Assets Management
  • Qianhai Reinsurance Co., Ltd. is the first mixed-ownership reinsurance company initiated by social capital in China, jointly founded by Qianhai Financial Holdings with China Post Group Co., Ltd. and other famous companies in Dec. 2016 in Qianhai, Shenzhen. Its business scope includes property and accident reinsurance, life and health reinsurance and reinsurance-related advisory service.
  • Public Mutual Insurance Corporation was founded in 2017. Founded by Qianhai Financial Holdings, Wintime Energy Co., Ltd. and other shareholders, with approval from the former China Insurance Regulatory Commission, it’s a national mutual insurance organization committed to building a mutual insurance platform by using cutting-edge Internet technology and big data risk control technology, to provide full-cycle risk management services for small, medium and micro enterprises and individuals.
  • “Renhe Insurance” is China’s earliest national insurance brand founded by China Merchants in 1875. In June 2017, with approval from the former China Insurance Regulatory Commission, China Merchants Life Insurance Co., Ltd. formally opened for business, marking the successful renewal of “Renhe Insurance”. China Merchants Life Insurance was jointly founded by China Merchants Group, China Mobile, Qianhai Financial Holdings, etc.